Claire Hsu Plans Local Art Activities

Claire Hsu, as a member of the museum committee of the West Kowloon Cultural District, a board member of Foundation for Arts Initiatives in New York, a member of Advisory Committee of Visual Arts School of Hong Kong Baptist University, has once been awarded as Asia Outstanding Women by Financial Times and Royal Bank of Scotland Coutts in 2009.

Claire Hsu started to establish Asia Art Archive from 2000. In order to collect art data, she has gone through China, Vietnam, India and some other Asian countries. Now Asia Art Archive has developed into an archive of rich collection. There has always been a wish in Claire Hsu’s heart, to find a place for the scale increasing expansion of the archive. If it will become an independent Asian Art Archive organization to survive, it can not always blindly rely on the owners and friends to provide rent-free or low rent sponsorship. So Claire Hsu will explore possibilities for a rest place for the upcoming West Kowloon project.

In order to raise the popularity of art, Claire Hsu has always been actively planning a variety of native art activities, hoping to strengthen the interaction between people and art.